Legends of the Falls Trailer
Legends of the Falls is now free to watch Online!
Check of this trailer for French Off the Boat, a new web series I directed coming soon.
A short sketch I directed, ‘Coffee House Interview’ with Dianne Oliveira.
Afterlife Financial, a parody insurance commercial with Courtney O’Connor and Graham Sheppard!

What Was That? A Ghost Show Parody with Hilary Wilson.
Isolation Meditation – Episode 1 ‘The Shark in the Water’
Massage School College – a Devry university parody commercial with Hilary Wilson!
Esteem Cream, a parody commercial with Courtney O’Connor!
Goose Morning News – Episode 1 of 16
3+ ‘Roomies’ the sitcom parody episode.
3+ ‘A Very Real Christmas’ the Christmas special parody episode.