SIFF 2017

The Sixth Annual Sudden Impulse Film Festival


2017 Lineup:
Safety Zoo – Public Pee, Green Energy, Border Prince
Wasted Youth – Episode 4: Hulk Hogan
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll – Wait, I love you, Job interview, Lottery
Dan Galea – Teresa and The Fly
Richard Pierre – Never Talk to Strangers, Opposites Attack,
The Racist Neighbour, The Cookie Racket
Kyle Reaume – What about Shelley, Ectasy
Cabruneau Productions – Muffin Man
Chris Murch – Planet Earth: Automotive Kingdom
TomCat Comedy – A Straight White Man
Aunt Francis – Buy My Dick, Break up Lake
Paul Dzioba – Why Not Now?
Dennis Mantin – The Meditation
Lia Evelyn & John Flemming – Downward Hotdog
Amy Force – The Bear
Mauricio Carvajal – Storm Stayed
Mike Mildon – But Wait There’s More

with Musical Guest

On The Dial

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