French Off The Boat (2018)

French Off The Boat (2018) Coming Soon

        Louise and Sophie have recently moved to Toronto from Paris. Everything is new and different like the culture, the customs and the way of life. They now need to do things they were used to, differently, or things they’ve never heard of before. When Sophie meets her new dermatologist and his nurse, things get out of control. Sophie will lose a mole! And when Louise goes to her family doctor again, she mostly needs reassurance, but she’s offered a scary shot instead. French off the boat follows these two funny french ladies in their crazy adventures! 

Mind the cultural gap in this new web series written by and starring Iris Gardet and Quitterie Hervouet, directed and edited by Stefan Kuchar. Featuring Hilary Wilson, Rundeep Khaira, Steve Mitchell and Zach Zohr. Currently making it’s round in the festival circuit, French Off The Boat will release in 2019.

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